Mesarija Frtica, Litija

6 These sauces are also available on the shelves of the Frtica butcher's shop!

Butcher's shop Frtica

More than 20 years of tradition has placed the Frtica butcher shop at the local, leading place in the sale of fresh meat and cured meat products.

Their permanent offer includes pork, beef, veal and poultry bought from local farmers. They are known for pancetta, home-made crackers, smoked hams, legs, tongues and the list goes on. Their very special offer is grilling meat, which is especially popular in the summer.

Great value can be attributed to the traditional processing of meat, which takes place according to traditional recipes.

In addition, the Frtica butcher shop achieves exceptional results and always implements new plans that bring satisfaction to customers and employees. This year, this company is a well-deserved recipient of a platinum credit rating, which is a reflection of their hard work and excellent business performance. Congratulations!

Emphasis on the sale of quality products from local farmers has led the Frtica butcher shop to expand its sales offer with other, domestic products.

The response from local customers is outstanding. We also thought this was a great opportunity for partnership, and so from February 24, you can also find our #6Tejst sauces on their shelves.

The next time you shop at the Frtica butcher shop, just try and evaluate how #6Tejst sauces complement your meat dishes.

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