Our story

Who are we?

We are a young and talented 6tejst team, united by our love for everything that tastes delicious - 6tejst taste.

Welcome to the world of sixth taste.


The story starts with our mastermind - Vito Štibernik, a true culinary master.

His keen palate and love for growing chillies were the main driving force behind the creation of the 6tejst sauces.

He has also found a special enthusiasm for preparing smoked specialities in his smoker, which has already impressed many.
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"Anyone can make hot sauce, but few make a tasty one"

by Vito Štibernik

What is the 6th taste?

Trying the smoked specialities combined with the 6tejst sauces awakened a sixth taste in us.

If you are wondering who the sixth taste is, let us give you a closer look.

The sixth taste is the last of the 6 tastes that the human tongue can identify.

It is a little spicy touch (a savoury aroma) that enlivens a dish, adds a new dimension and captivates the taste buds.

The main purpose is not to be spicy, but to be a pleasant addition to your dishes.

Our vision

Our vision is to debunk the myth of spicy foods and introduce you to the unlimited possibilities of their use. Our sauces are the result of using a judicious amount of chilli.

We try to present you with a fusion of several elements of vegetables and fruits, which, accompanied by chilli, stimulate a real fantasy of flavours.

6Tejst sauces

These sauces are suitable for everyone, as each sauce is prepared in several levels of spiciness.

We use fresh vegetables and fruit and do not add artificial preservatives or flavour enhancers.
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